This Wellness Professional Is Coming Out as a Big Fat Fraud

Today I play the role of a business owner, a writer, a wife, and a mother. If you time-traveled into the past you’d see me playing a nerd, a goth, a butch, a femme, a poet, a comedian, a Christian, an agnostic,, and a couple dozen other roles. No matter who I was, or where I was, or what I Read More

 January 3, 2015     Addiction
8 Self Sabotaging Lies and the Truth Underneath

Self-sabotage is the root of most failed efforts to adopt healthier habits. Here’s a list of the top 8 self-sabotaging lies we tell ourselves, and the truth behind each one. Like many of the coolest, most interesting, and creative folks on earth, I default to addiction and morbid obesity. Self-Sabotage is my middle name, and yet today I’m a fit and Read More

 December 29, 2014     Motivation & Self-sabotage
How long does it take to get healthy?

Hey, Coffey – A little about me: I’m 41, 5’7″, 236 lbs. I’m inactive and totally out of shape – walking up the stairs in my building takes it out of me. I don’t identify as an addict per se, but I’ve clearly let my bad habits get the best of me. I talk myself out of every good idea Read More

 December 26, 2014     Motivation & Self-sabotage
Sadness, fear, and insecurity – A post for my father

My father, Brian, was sober for almost a month in 2009. We got close.  He even showed up to help me demolish the shithole fixer-upper I’d just bought (photo below). Together, we filled a huge dumpster with plaster, lathe, bricks, and wood. We swapped war stories and laughed and puzzled at how amazing it is that folks like us can want so desperately Read More

 December 23, 2014     Self-love
5 Reasons Women Should Not Lift Weights

Ladies, think hard before picking up those weights…. Should women lift weights? Not necessarily. Weightlifting (and, more generally, strength training) isn’t for everyone. There are a few ‘pros’ to lifting weights, but it’s important to consider the ‘cons’ before committing to any strength training program. Before you start counting reps and sets, consider these questions:  Read More

 December 5, 2014     Exercise
1 Insanely Simple Way to Teach Kids to Think That Women are People

I want to raise kids who know that women are just as valid, valuable, and capable doing interesting things as men. To that end, when I read to my toddlers, I read male characters as females by replacing “he” with “she,” and “him” with “her.” In doing this, I’ve become aware of a few things I need to share, just in case Read More

 November 17, 2014     Mother / Baby
‘No!': A Daughter Reacts to Mom’s Decision to Have Weight Loss Surgery

I was 300 pounds by the age of 18. Dating back to early childhood, all my efforts to diet had failed, and always left me heavier than I’d been when I started. In my 20s, I decided to accept my body – fat and all. No more diets. No more wasting time feeling bad about my size. From now on, Read More

 November 13, 2014     Weight Loss Surgery
To Heal Trauma, If Therapy and Meds Fall Short, Try Exercise

Empowering exercise – especially strength training – can help us heal old wounds. Some years ago I was in a perfect storm of transition. I’d just graduated from college. Raised on can-do American ideals, I was shocked to learn that I couldn’t do what I loved (write) and still get what I needed (a living wage and health insurance). So Read More

 November 10, 2014     Exercise
 November 4, 2014     Food
Blessed in the Midwest

What you weigh doesn’t impact the love you get, from God or from [your] man. Dear Coffey, I’m 24, 5’7”, and, like you were, I weigh just over 300 pounds. I have a loving God, and I want to spread His message.  I think He would have amazing plans for me if only I could lose this weight. I’m also Read More

 October 20, 2014     Self-love
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