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What:  No-BS webinars and live Q&As
When:  Tuesday October 7, 14, 21 & 28 @ 
8PM Eastern 
How:  Registration* will be open for one week in September
How much:  $97
*Enrollment is limited to 100. SIGN UP and I’ll email you when enrollment is open.

strongcoffeylogo_pleasureprinciples_blkCan’t wait for the group presentation?
with Pleasure Principles on Demand


  • Are unhappy with your body
  • Are sick of the loss/gain cycle
  • Feel like a fraud when you exercise, eat well, meditate, etc.
  • Are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • Have tried it all, and nothing’s worked


  • To keep the commitments you make to yourself
  • To adopt a specific plan or program without fear of failing – AGAIN
  • To eat nourishing foods and ditch the crap that’s hurting you
  • To enjoy making healthier choices day after day
  • To get and stay motivated




  • Why all your past efforts have failed
  • What factor you need to deal with in order to live a healthier, happier life
  • What simple step can turn a healthy fluke into a habit
  • The one mental advantage healthy people have, and how to get it
  • What to do TONIGHT to insure a healthier tomorrow
  • The origin of self-sabotage, and how to kill it – DEAD

I find Coffey’s wisdom and practical insight invaluable. There is no way to put a price tag on this knowledge. Every dollar I’ve ever spent on diet pills, programs, fads, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, all the time and money wasted on false exercise starts – all of it, QUADRUPLED, doesn’t begin to touch the value I got out of this class.

-Tracy Schiffmiller, RN, 44, Waterbury, CT

What makes this program different? This isn’t a ‘program’ – my Pleasure Principles are just that – a set of guidelines you can adopt so the healthy changes you want to make can become a part of your life.

What if I can’t keep it going after the course is over? One of my Principles deals with inevitable slips, and how to respond to them – I don’t expect you to be perfect. You will falter. And that’s OK.

I can’t commit to meeting Tuesdays at 8pm. No worries – recordings will be available to registrants for one month after the course is over.

Meet your course-mates


Christine is highly regarded in her field. She also has a family. At work and at home, Christine gets the job done (on time, and on budget, of course). Christine’s history with diets and exercise programs reads like the diet & fitness section at a Barnes & Noble: Weight Watchers – Check. Atkins – Check. Zumba – Check. Every time she quits her latest attempt to get fit or lose weight, she wonders: “How can I be so capable in every other part of my life, and so completely incapable of sticking to a diet or an exercise routine?”
In this course Christine will learn exactly why her previous efforts failed. She’ll know just where to focus her efforts so this time she can make healthy changes that are just right for her.
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I’ve always felt comforted by Coffey’s writing – particularly when she writes about weight – but her Pleasure Principles course made me feel so much more aware of my body and mind and how I’m living my life than I’ve ever felt before. Coffey literally gave me the words I needed to figure out and express myself and my feelings. I’ve felt a new type of motivation since taking this course. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a handle on my relationship with food and who I really am, and how I can bring the two together in a healthy way. Coffey taught me how to love myself out of my feelings of shame, a gift that I couldn’t even fathom before now. Coffey and this course have helped me so much. I’m grateful she’s out there, doing what she’s doing, exactly how she’s doing it.

- Annie C., Student, 21, NY, NY


Ally is an ambitious entrepreneur. She’s happily divorced. Somehow she’s managed to strike a balance between work and caring for her 11-year-old daughter – Anna – as a single professional. Ally is a perfectionist. She wants Anna to have a vibrant and healthy self-image. She knows that the things she says about herself and about women generally will inform how Anna feels about her own body. Though she never criticizes herself in front of her daughter, Ally is amazed at how much thought and energy it takes to keep her self-hatred and self-directed rage a secret. She knows she should love herself, but repeating “I love myself” mantras feels ridiculous.
In this course, Ally will learn that there’s a far more practical and less hokey path to loving and accepting oneself. As Ally begins to live with love and in good health, her daughter will be watching.
Do you relate to Ally? Scroll up & enter your email – I’ll let you know when registration opens.
I was skeptical.  But Coffey’s Facebook page made her seem so damn real and sensible.  And she’d been where I am: 300+ pounds.  And she wrote some article about what she LIKED about that 300+ person THOUGH SHE WAS NO LONGER THAT SIZE.
The Pleasure Principles are REAL.  (The course even has cheesy as hell acronyms that actually MAKE SENSE.)  The first workshop had a lot of food for thought.  And I like food.  And thinking.  The second one gave me some tools to work with.  More food for thought.  The third one had some BigUglyCry truths in it.  Is that going to be the same for everyone?  No.  But she’s not like everyone.  She’s REAL.
Common sense is one thing, but Coffey links what you think you know with the TRUTH and hits you over the head with incredible, insightful, empowering, REAL LIFE solutions. 
Coffey doesn’t tell you what to do, or what you should feel… she’s tells you how to find your own path to better health and happiness.  And then she gives you this amazing toolbox to use to stay focused and enjoy yourself along the way.
Thanks to Kelly Coffey I’ve made an appointment I’d been putting off for months.  I put down the second bowl of monkey brains (if you sign up you’ll understand ).  I’m starting to move some.  The course costs a lot less than a personal trainer, and I could listen in my pajamas (which is good, since i couldn’t listen in real time).
Everyone should take Coffey’s Pleasure Principles.
I like my coffee strong.  And I love Strong Coffey.  I think you will too.
- J. Borton, 36,  Australia


Amanda has always had issues with her weight. With her sister’s wedding on the way, she decides to go on a diet. She gives up carbs, and does great for one week. At her sister’s bridal shower, Amanda starts to feel the familiar tug: “Just one cupcake won’t kill me – and I’ll go right back,” she thinks. Four secret cupcakes, several dinner rolls, and a slice of chocolate cake later, she wonders what happened. She hasn’t been able to get back on the diet since.
In this course, Amanda will design her own healthiest nutrition plan, and learn simple ways to help her stick to it, regardless of her sister’s dopey wedding. 

Do you relate to Amanda? Scroll up & enter your email – I’ll let you know when registration opens.

I’ve done a lot of personal growth work over the years, but the area of food and exercise has been a constant thorn in my side. I’m an intelligent woman. I know all about nutrition and exercise. I knew WHAT to do to lose weight and feel better, but I didn’t DO it. I know it sounds trite, but it’s true- the Pleasure Principles course was a pretty significant miracle for me. Kelly Coffey is amazing. She’s blunt, honest, real, and funny. She knows her stuff and shares her successful techniques in a way that makes it easier for me to figure out what will work for ME. She’s a trailblazer. I want to be more comfortable in my own skin, and Coffey’s Principles are helping me with that. I’m learning how to set realistic goals for today and achieve them. Coffey has given me a set of very practical, simple tools to empower me so I can identify my self-sabotaging thought patterns, examine and overhaul my habits, and above all BE GENTLE with myself. The biggest revelation? The idea that sitting around, waiting for the motivation fairy to show up DOESN’T WORK has HUGE implications for me. Paradigm shattered. I don’t have to “feel motivated” to make changes today. Instead, I can just act. That is true freedom - whether or not I lose another pound. I’m learning what foods work for me and which ones I don’t have healthy relationships with. I’m learning what forms of exercise make me feel good – something I always thought was an oxymoron. Coffey has challenged me to find true, lasting sustainable pleasure in an area of my life where the fleeting pleasure of sugary, fatty foods often turned ugly. Everyone I know has some issue with food, exercise and/or weight- it’s a societal issue. Anyone could benefit from this course! Sign up today. You can thank me later. – Kay Anderson, artist, 51, TX


When she was in college, Amy was naturally fit. She never went out of her way to exercise. At 54, Amy gets out of breath walking to the second floor of her house. Encouraged by her daughter to “Just exercise!” Amy decides to do the Couch to 5K. She feels foolish leaving her house for that first jog. She gets 20 feet into her first “sprint” before she tweaks her ankle. She curses at herself, turns around, walks home, and stops briefly at the fridge on her way to the couch.
In this course, Amy will learn the best way to think about and approach exercise. Next time she gets off the couch, it’ll be to do something she finds genuinely enjoyable. 

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The driving force in my young life was to experience pleasure. I binged and watched television, woke up, and did it again. Sometimes, in moments of panic, I went on a diet or bought an exercise video. Those cycles – binge/control, inactive/active –  brought me to over 300 unhealthy pounds. I was sick, I was exhausted, I was sedentary. I felt completely disconnected from my body and from the world. COFFEY_BEFORE+AFTER_060214My only motivations to change were fear and shame. Twenty years of being an overweight, inactive girl and young woman in a beauty-driven culture will do that to you. I felt crazy, one day eating pizza by the pie and the next measuring out portions of baby carrots. Either I was rolling my eyes at every mention of exercise, or I was laboring through the latest fad routine (and dropping it like a steaming sack of something unsavory). Every effort to change not only felt HORRIBLE, it left me worse off than when I’d started. Like so many of us, my struggle to lose weight did nothing but make me heavier. I decided that losing weight and getting healthy (not the same thing, by the way) was impossible without medical intervention. I had weight loss surgery in 2003. Nine months later and 150+ pounds lighter, I was still sedentary, still exhausted, still sick, still miserable, still trapped in disordered eating and addiction, but now I was completely out of ideas. If thin didn’t equal healthy and happy, what did? Eleven years of field research later, I’ve figured it out. The key is pleasure (what else could it be?). To design a way of life that is both healthy and – most importantly – that feels good, pleasure must be the driving force. Not shame. Not fear.  Pleasure. Today, I am a fit, happy personal trainer (don’t hit me, please). I’m still a pleasure-seeker. I still love to eat – and eat a lot. But dependence and abuse have been replaced by enjoyment and freedom. I also approach exercise in a whole new way – I only do what I enjoy, and never do anything I feel I have to endure. I’m here to spread the love – the pleasure – the principle driving force behind my long-term maintenance of a healthy weight, high energy, a joyful life, and a killer personality (that last part has nothing to do with the course – thanks, Ma!).

Friday, September 19, 2014

You Might Wanna Know...

What happens when the course is over? Folks who’ve taken the course have the option to join Coffey’s Klatch, a closed group only for people committed to working the Pleasure Principles in their lives. Klatchers get daily support and accountability, and it’s fun as hell. 
Why can’t I register now?
I’m a one-woman show. I process every registration that comes in. In order to do that efficiently and happily, I’m limiting the enrollment period to one nutty week in September.
How will I know when I can register? You need to sign up on my mailing list above (and confirm your subscription immediately after – check your email!).
I’m in Auckland/SoHo/Bayone/Balrothery/Playa del Carmen/etc., can I participate?
Yes! All you need is an internet connection to get a piece of Coffey. Well, her Pleasure Principles, anyway.
I’ve tried every other program, why will this be different for me? This isn’t a ‘program’ – Coffey’s Pleasure Principles are just that – a set of guidelines you can adopt in your own journey so the healthy changes you want to make can become a part of your life.
I tried to register and was taken to a suspicious page called JigsawBox. I was prompted to register. I got scared and bailed. Click ‘Register’ again. Have no fear – JigsawBox is my virtual base-camp. Trust the process! Jeez.
What if I’m not ‘fat?’ Should I do this course? If you want to get happily grounded in healthier habits, regardless of your weight, then taking this course would be a strong choice.
I’m not sure I can commit to meeting every Tuesday  That’s OK – recordings are available to you anytime with Pleasure Principles on Demand.
Wow, 8pm sure is late/early/not a great time It’s worth it to you to try to prioritize attending the presentations, I assure you.
I’m completely strapped for time. Are you going to offer this again? I sure plan to.
Do I have to buy any special food or equipment to do this course? If you adopt the principles I outline, you’ll be buying food you relate to in a healthy way and doing activities you enjoy. If you’re a certain kind of person, that might mean electric eel souffle and whiffle ball. So, maybe – it depends on you.
Will other people know I’m doing this with you? Can I be anonymous? Yes, your anonymity will be preserved. But can I tell my mom you signed up? I’ll only use your first name.
Do I have to get on a scale? No. No. No.
How will I know if it’s working? You’ll get clear about what healthy practices are right for you, and feel empowered to make the changes you need to make to make those practices a part of your life.
What if I can’t keep it going after the course is over? One of the principles deals with inevitable slips, and how to respond to them – I don’t expect you to be perfect. You will falter. And that’s OK.
Coffey, this sounds too good to be true! How can all this be only $97? You’re welcome to pay me more for it if the mood strikes you. PayPal me any amount you like to strongcoffey at gmail. Full disclosure: I’ll blow it all on coffee and black knit hats. Meanwhile, if the course continues to grow as it has been, the price won’t be this low for long.
Will Coffey share exactly what she does to stay fit? If you ask me, I will.
What if I want to work with Coffey one-on-one? You can. The course will be a great introduction to my guiding principles. If you feel a connection, you can join the Klatch, or schedule one-on-one sessions. 

LizWasher“Thanks to Coffey, I have a completely different attitude toward exercise, mindful eating, and treating my body with the respect it deserves (but too often doesn’t receive). I’m a work in progress, but Kelly understands that – and she manages to be a cheerleader without coming across as condescending, which is no small task for trainers. She makes me want to love myself more than I do, which is probably the best goal I could have.” -Liz Washer, lizwashermakeup.com
AmyWoolf“Kelly addresses issues around food in a way that no other fitness/health expert does – with deep personal knowledge and profound compassion for those who still struggle.  Kelly knows that we all go off the path from time to time and there is never judgement, only love.  For those trying to break the cycle of self-hatred around fitness and food, her unconditional-love approach is probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.” -Amy Woolf, awcolor.com
Sarah“I want to wear a sandwich board and walk the streets of Northampton. Said sandwich board will read: (SHRINKING) BODY by STRONG COFFEY. Partly because I’m an odd bird, but mostly because Kelly’s particular philosophies and methods WORK. I have had SO many people ask me what I’ve been doing! You owe it to yourself to give the gift of self care. Call her NOW.” -Sarah Hains DiFazio, Teacher
lpoe_headshot“Before I started with Coffey, I couldn’t walk one slow mile. A few months later I climbed Mt. Sugarloaf! I never thought I’d do that! I want to do outdoor activities, like rock climbing. Me! I love that! I will run a 5k. A 10k. I want to get back into kayaking and biking with my husband. — And now it’s all possible. I can physically do these things. It’s very freeing.” -Lynnette Foster Poe, Senior Designer
RM“Working with Kelly over the past year has gotten me into the best shape of my life. Becoming more mindful inspired me to change how I was eating, and 13 months later I am still enjoying my new relationship to food. I’m confident that I’ll be able to maintain my new weight for life. Kelly’s integrated, individualized approach to food and exercise makes sense and it works. She is a “whole person / whole life” coach.” -RM, Donations Speciaist