Miscarriage of Hope

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You can survive the loss of a dream that didn’t. I was finally pregnant again after surviving two soul-pummeling miscarriages. I held my breath through the first trimester, having twice learned the hard way that I couldn't afford to be even vaguely hopeful until at least the three-month … [Read more...]

When Women Say UGH I AM SO FAT

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Why some women fat-shame themselves in front of other, often larger, women (and how to respond). It’s a scene as old as time: People - usually women - are together somewhere when one suddenly breaks out with “Ugh, I’m so fat.” Often, the woman talking isn’t. Often, the woman/women she’s … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Women Should NOT Do Cardio

5 Reasons Women Should Not Do Cardio (1)

These days you can't flip your ponytail without hitting an “article” by a “fitness professional” claiming that cardio is good for women. This once-obese personal trainer is here to set the record straight.   Ladies - think twice before including cardio in your workouts. Here’s why: 1- ARD … [Read more...]