A Scientifically Proven Blueprint for Healing Your Relationship to Food

The Pleasure Principles

You don't need another diet plan. You've got access to every diet plan ever, right at your fingertips. The same is true for exercise programs. What's missing - what cannot be Googled - is what YOU CAN DO in the moment of decision so that you feel compelled and excited to stick to the commitments you've made. And I'm talking about every facet of self-care, NOT JUST DIET AND EXERCISE.

After a piece I wrote went viral worldwide, women all over the planet asked to work with me. I had two small kids and a full time personal training business. I didn’t have the capacity to work with these women, but I also couldn’t bear to turn them away.

They were struggling to eat better, consistently, without losing their minds, and I had the tools they needed to get there.

The Pleasure Principles

I created the Pleasure Principles e-course so that any woman, anywhere, who was ready to genuinely love herself and/or care consistently for her body could have access to the set of tools and the support she needs to do exactly that.

BACKED BY SCIENCE: Smith College Professor Dr. Hannah Karpman changed her life practicing the Principles. She decided to conduct a formal study of the practice and its results.
Her data showed that the Principles yield significant, positive results for women who struggle to lose weight, and especially positive results for those who also suffer from depression and/or anxiety.
Download the study HERE

The four Pleasure Principles provide a solid, practical foundation for making consistently strong choices in the context of your real life. They take all factors into account – age, ability, budget, and any and all limitations – so no matter where you are in your journey, the Principles can help you get healthier, stronger, and more connected to your absolute best life.

Principle One explores the root of self-sabotage, and the tool that will empower you to never again fall victim to it.

Principle Two is a comprehensive guide to motivation – how to get it, how to keep it, and how to bring it back after a slip.

Principle Three helps you set goals and boundaries that will support your continued progress for a lifetime.

Principle Four provides the blueprint for feeling your best, looking your best, and showing up for life capable of bringing your best to every one of your relationships and responsibilities.

This is something you can do in this moment. You can keep the commitments you’ve made to yourself, your body, and your health. You’ve made it this far. Keep going.

Come to my free, online workshop to see if this revolutionary approach to wellness is for you
  • These ideas are real, not bullshit feed for economic gain. The Pleasure Principles course has given me hope where there was once just the white noise of self-doubt. Words can never properly express what Pleasure Principles has done to my brain, body, and soul!

    Jennifer Pearson
    Jennifer Pearson Non-profit fundraiser
  • Principle Three brought me to tears. I suddenly feel connected and capable.

    Mary Kate Social Work
  • Is Kelly's program easy? No. A magic bullet? No. Worth every penny and can change your life? Absolutely. No hidden agendas or magic potions, just well-researched and beautifully articulated ways to take care of yourself, your way. If you're wavering, give it a shot. You've likely tried everything else, and this one works--it has for me and for lots of others.

    Lynn McLean
    Lynn McLean
  • Coffey’s Pleasure Principles course has been life changing. The Principles are succinct, easily remembered, simply practiced, and effective. I have practiced many forms of self-inquiry over the years, with great results (Landmark, Therapy, Breathwork, Bodywork, 12 Steps, etc.), and the Principles is the final, unifying frontier for my work on myself and my body. I LOVE this course.

    Cate Finney Finance
  • Coffey's Pleasure Principles e course...more valuable than anything else I've ever invested in for myself and my health. If you're hesitating on doing this for yourself, don't. It changed my life, my body, and most importantly, it changed the atmosphere in my head

    Chante Ellis Electrician
  • The Klatch is incredible! I have never felt so accepted and comfortable in any group setting. I can be completely open and honest, and say things that no one else could understand except for those amazing women!

    April Orloski
    April Orloski Zookeeper
  • I’ve spent a lifetime struggling to do what I’ve happily done in the last 6 months thanks to Coffey’s Pleasure Principles. Focusing on pleasure has made all the difference. I’ve been wanting to make these changes my whole life, but it wasn’t until I began this practice that I was able to actually DO it."

    Jessica Strange Law
  • Principle Two is IT. Not having this tools is what’s kept me from my happiness all this time. I feel like the heavens opened and the angels are singing after delving into those lessons

    Jacey Carpenter
    Jacey Carpenter Outreach Coordinator
  • This practice is mind blowing, especially as I am pretty skeptical, but this is so doable and long-term-lifestyle-altering. Amazing.... I catch myself working the Principles every day.

    Jennifer Benedict
  • I am a motivational speaker myself, and this course has helped me more than anything I have ever experienced.

    Tina L Regional Director
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