Paving A New, Stronger, Empowered Path To Health and Wellness

Introducing Kelly Coffey


Paving a New, Stronger, Empowered Path to Health and Wellness

Introducing Kelly Coffey

I'm Coffey - a certified personal trainer and coach who's recovered from all kinds of addiction, compulsion, and self-sabotage. I’ve been out of control with everything, but first with food. I've maintained massive weight loss (I'm a size 6/8, down from a size 26/28) for over a decade without losing my personality. Or my edge.

We all have challenges. Yours may include losing weight or maintaining weight loss. Maybe you struggle to get motivated or to stay committed. Maybe you manage both, but keep losing YOU in the process. I’ve made huge changes against all odds, and I can show you how to do the same without losing your edge.

Fix the Root (to Enjoy the Fruit)

Obsessing about the products and symptoms of self-sabotage (like your weight, and losing it) is a waste of time and money. If you’re ready to stop wasting time and money, and if you’re ready to work on the root of the problem, I’m excited to show you how – honestly, and with the clarity and empathy of someone who’s gone through the whole process.

I’m excited to hand you the tools, support, and the guidance you need to make whatever changes you need to make to feel real pleasure – Peace, Accomplishment, Comfort, and Empowerment. Life is pleasure when you show up for yourself and your body consistently, and you deserve it. I’ll show you how to begin, and how to keep moving forward.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

After a lifetime of dieting and losing and gaining weight, I decided to have weight loss surgery in 2003. I lost a lot of weight, and I lost it fast.

I thought my problems were solved – until the weight started to come back.

I realized there was no force inside me stronger than the blind drive to sabotage myself and my health.

Nothing I had ever done – diets, fasts, restrictions of all kinds, and now, weight loss surgery – would, or could, keep me from sabotaging myself. In fact, every effort I made to lose weight left me heavier and more out of control.

My Journey to Health


I’m a hedonist. A pleasure-seeker. (All the cool kids are, right?) We want to feel as good as possible for as long possible as often as possible. I don’t understand folks that aren’t driven by and toward pleasure.

For me and folks like me, pleasure is the glue that makes commitments stick, no matter how big or small they are. But those commitments have to make sense in the context of our real lives, and they have to take any limitations into account. Otherwise, we’re just setting ourselves up for failure.

I found a way to cherry-pick commitments and stick to the ones that brought deep pleasure. Working as a personal trainer for over a decade, I distilled my approach down to four principles that I call the Pleasure Principles.

Practicing the Principles brought me to a comfortable weight and continuing to practice them has kept me there for over 10 years. Today, my weight is now a non-issue. Same goes for a lot of other vices and maladaptive “coping” mechanisms I once leaned on and abused myself with.

Practicing the Principles helps harmful coping mechanisms fall away. In their place grows an authentic self, rooted in deep pleasure.

I Won’t Tell You To Eat Less and Move More

I don’t just parrot the party line. I’ve walked the path of extreme, sustained, positive change, and I know better than anyone that it’s rarely as simple as getting instructions to “eat less and move more.”

I also don’t push fantasy quick fixes like diets, shakes, pills, powders, or potions. I offer only honest, practical steps and solutions that work. The truth will set you free. I know you can handle it. And you know you deserve it.

Keep Going. Keep Going. Keep Going.

Skeptical? Good. I work exclusively with women who are conscious and who think critically.

Afraid? Good. I can help you channel your fear of failure into strength you never knew you had.

Hesitant? Excellent. Keep exploring. If you want to be healthy, and to feel strong and sexy in your body, your wasted days of self-doubt, self-neglect, and feeling out of control are numbered.

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