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Want a trainer who’s been where you are?

I had to lose over 150 pounds in order to realize that thin does not necessarily equal happy or healthy. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized, at a size 6, that I was just as miserable as I’d been at a size 26. But if being fat wasn’t the problem, then what the hell was the problem?

I have lots of experience making drastic, healthy changes. Through it all I’ve learned that losing weight rarely, if ever, increases health and wellbeing as profoundly as does shedding unhealthy attitudes and behaviors. 1 Unsurprisingly, weight loss is brief and fleeting 2 unless a new set of attitudes and behaviors are adopted. For those of us who want to get healthy, the first – and arguably, the only – critical new behavior is exercise. Let me help you make a start.

If you want to dig deeper, I can help. I’ve developed motivation from nothing. I’ve been an obese child and adult. I’ve spent the last decade coming to terms with and finding joy in eating despite food addiction. I can advise, direct, encourage, crack jokes – You tell me what level of support you want, and in what areas, and I’ll give you my all. 3

Want to work with me directly? Great. Visit my training page. Otherwise, hit the blog.

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  1. And, in my case, accepting the fact of and appropriately addressing addictions. Mmmm, addiction.
  2. And usually contraindicated.
  3. Assuming, of course, that you want what I have,  are interested in making a change, and you cotton to my ramblings. If not, we can still hang, but maybe you should get your info elsewhere.