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Our early lives bring us strengths & abilities - and serious challenges

The events and atmospheric conditions we experience, especially in early life, endow us with specific strengths, talents, and abilities. Those same experiences may also rob us of motivation, clarity, and consistency – specifically in how we relate to our bodies, our health, and the ability to regulate emotions.

You're Not Alone

If you show up strong in some areas of life, but suffer from a lack of success, motivation, or consistency in others (health, activity, weight, exercise, relationships, self-care, or other areas that are important to you), you’re not alone.

You know what you “should” do, but you still feel stuck. Why? Because you don’t suffer from a lack of information. Rather, you stay stuck because you’re not taking clear, consistent, caring action.

We Can Defeat the Self-Sabotage

The events and conditions I experienced in early life left me morbidly obese. I struggled with addiction. After repeated failed attempts to hit and hold a comfortable weight – and break free of the cycle of self-sabotage – I felt powerless to make honest, meaningful, lasting progress. Those same experiences endowed me with an unshakable desire to feel good, to feel sane, to feel in control of my life, and to heal, body and soul. I broke through the wall of self-sabotage, and you can, too. I’m here to support and guide you.

Let's Begin

I’m Kelly Coffey – a licensed, trauma-sensitive personal evolution coach and ACSM-certified personal trainer. If you’re ready to get unstuck, to make consistent, meaningful, sustainable progress – and enjoy the process – you’re right where you need to be. Let’s begin.


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