One Mindful Moment

Before you sabotage yourself, here’s a list of questions to consider. It’s a challenge to live healthier – and treat ourselves better – today than we did yesterday. This is especially true if we’re addressing compulsion, addiction, or emotion-numbing behaviors. No matter what we’re trying to overcome, mindfulness can be our greatest ally. The next time you’re itching for a Read More

 December 19, 2013     Motivation & Self-sabotage
Beginner’s Squats (In Response to the ‘Squat Challenge’ Meme)

You’ve probably see it on Facebook: the ‘Squat Challenge.’ It looks logical enough – start with 5 and work up to 50,000 a day. Since these ‘challenges’ offer no instructions to the beginner and don’t allow for proper recovery periods, they’re putting squat novices at a tremendous disadvantage. Thanks to the modifications below, if you can both sit down on Read More

 December 3, 2013     Exercise
 December 2, 2013     Exercise
Haters Gonna Hate (A Note on Your Critics)

You’re doing something new in the service of your health. You’re lifting weights. You’re eating all whole, real food. You quit talking to your back-stabbing “friend.” You stopped huffing glue, or smoking tryptophan. You’re eating mindfully. You threw away your scale. You’ve stopped eating based on convenience and begun eating as we evolved to eat. You’re meditating everyday. Whatever you’re Read More

 November 28, 2013     Self-love
17 Distracting Things to Say at the Holiday Table

Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle: Holiday Season Edition – where good intentions and new commitments come to die. If you’re doing things differently at your traditional holiday gatherings this yearyou may find yourself the object of some scrutiny. Here’s a handy list of things to say at the holiday table to take the focus off your, perhaps unpopular, choices: Read More

 November 26, 2013     Food
Five Seriously Practical Tips for Post-Baby Wellness

“I’m a new mom. I can barely remember what day it is, never mind imagine getting my pre-baby body back. Help.” Read More

 November 23, 2013     Mother / Baby
Fat Acceptance, Weight Loss Surgery & Addiction

I was 300 pounds in my early 20s. I had spent years dieting only to gain more fat than I ever lost. My desperation to be happy left me no choice but to accept and love my body as it was, since it appeared I was powerless to change it. Read More

 November 20, 2013     Addiction | Food | Weight Loss Surgery
 November 19, 2013     Self-love
 November 18, 2013     Motivation & Self-sabotage
Bench Press Begets Bench Press

For folks like me, cookies are cannibalistic: we choose to eat just one, but that first cookie chooses to eat untold hordes of other innocent cookies. Luckily, this snowball effect can work in our favor, too. Weight training, especially for the novice, works in much the same way as the cookie phenomenon: you decide to do the first rep, that Read More

 November 13, 2013     Exercise
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