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 October 5, 2013     Self-love
Why We’re Fat & How We Get Skinny* –  Naturally

The modern nutritional conditions that are making us retain fat & how to get skinny by eating like it’s springtime on the Prairie. Our bodies evolved to thrive in perfect synchronicity with the planet. For most humans across most of history, this synchronicity involved the ebb and flow of the seasons. And for most humans across most of history, life was Read More

 October 3, 2013     Food
Battle Obesity, Powerlessness & Compulsion With Bacon

(and other actual food) You’re overweight to the point of discomfort and/or disease. So was I (over 300 pounds by age 23). You have dieted by limiting portions, counting calories,  or both. So did I. When you finally gave into your craving for more, you lost control and re-gained whatever weight you had lost and then some. So did I. Read More

 October 2, 2013     Food
You’re still here?

Maybe you have no idea who I am, but you’re in the habit of doing anything you read on the Internet. Maybe you know I once weighed over 300 pounds, but have watched me maintain a healthy weight for over a decade (with one notable exception, my first pregnancy, which I’ll discuss in another post). Maybe you know that I’ve had Read More

 September 30, 2013     Motivation & Self-sabotage
The Case for Abstinence Over Control

If portion-controlled diets make you feel like you’re having a food-related asthma attack (can’t….get…enough…food), but the way you eat normally makes you miserable, abstinence – not just a low-carb diet – may be a strong choice. If you’ve ever been on Weight Watchers or other similarly-traditional diets, you’ve experienced the abject misery of controlling your portion sizes. A half cup of this; Read More

 September 26, 2013     Food
Kiss My Formerly Fat Ass

Formerly obese personal trainer invites portion control-pushers to kiss it. I’m a personal trainer. I make my living teaching people, mostly women, how to exercise safely and effectively. If folks didn’t consider exercise a critical, or at least very important, factor in their health & wellness, I’d be unable to make ends meet doing something I adore and at which Read More

 September 13, 2013     Addiction
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