Ready to get HAPPILY grounded in HEALTHIER habits?

  • Got problems with self-sabotage, motivation, and effective goal-setting?
  • Want to make exercise a habit once and for all?  
  • Care to feel more connected to and excited about your body?
  • How about developing a healthier, happier, and more pleasurable relationship to the food you eat and the ways you eat it?
  • Need help keeping it light when things feel heavy? I can help, ’cause keeping a sense of humor about this whole wellness thing is what separates the earnest doofs from the genuinely cool kids. 

    Coffey, Before & During
    Coffey, Before & During

Wellness is a whole-person, whole-life condition. It’s not arrived at when we reach a certain weight. It’s not determined by where we shop for groceries, how heavy we lift, or how often we (tell people we) meditate. To be well, we must treat ourselves and our bodies with respect, and learn to recommit when we falter. Shit happens. Obstacles will come up. Want to learn how to keep making progress anyway? I can help.

Focusing on one “flaw,” like weight and the desire to lose it, rarely, if ever, increases wellbeing. That, and it rarely, if ever, helps us reach our goals. Wellness happens when we shed, or live with a sincere intent to shed, unhealthy attitudes and behaviors. 1 Interested? I can help.

Do you want to get
HAPPILY grounded in HEALTHIER habits?

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  1. In my case, that included accepting that I have addictions, deeply-rooted shame, and an absolutely pitiful fashion sense, and committing to address each of these issues – in the order that they were hurting me – with care.