The Three Eaters: Why Weight Loss Diets Are NOT For Everyone

Moderation in all things is a lovely concept, but when it comes to weight loss diets, portion-control alone works long-term for only a fraction of folks that want to lose weight. For most of us, finding sustainable, healthy approaches to weight loss is a little more…personal.     If you’re a wellness professional, especially if you ever engage people in a conversation Read More

 March 3, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Depression | Food | Nutrition | Portion Control | Video
Why Long Term Goals Can Do More Harm Than Good

Q: Helpful or not helpful – To envision the thin / healthier self you hope to become / become again? You know, like when people tell you to make visionboards or dreamboards of your long term goals? Do they really work?   A: In a word – Unhelpful. Envisioning a future goal puts our focus on the future, and what Read More

 February 16, 2015     Behavior | Self-love | Video
Tell Me Why I Cannot Stop Eating Junk Food

Dear Coffey: I’m completely hooked on Monkey Brains, and for me that means rich, decadent food. My mother, who ate like I do, needed double bypass heart surgery at age 50, just three years older than I am now. Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I so attached to Monkey Brains that I am willing to die to eat Read More

 February 12, 2015     Addiction | Food
Emerging Science Around Sex Explains Why Some Women Don’t Exercise

Want to have more sex or get more exercise? Try easing up on the self-criticism. As anyone who’s ever driven with two feet can attest, hitting the gas without first letting up on the brakes can have some seriously disappointing consequences. It doesn’t get you where you want to go, that’s for sure. In her book Come As You Are: The Read More

 February 3, 2015     Behavior | Exercise | Motivation | Self-love | Self-sabotage | Sex | Strength
This Is What It Really Means To Have Healthy Boundaries

Like memorable brands and epic narrative arcs, strong boundaries take time to develop. Once upon a time,  I thought having healthy boundaries meant saying ‘No,’ – ‘No’ to chairing a meeting, ‘No’ to organizing a party, ‘No’ to letting a house guest stay another week. Refusals like this are swimming in the shallow end of the boundary pool, though. There’s a Read More

 January 4, 2015     Behavior
This Wellness Professional Is Coming Out as a Big Fat Fraud

Today I play the role of a business owner, a writer, a wife, and a mother. If you time-traveled into the past you’d see me playing a nerd, a goth, a butch, a femme, a poet, a comedian, a Christian, an agnostic,, and a couple dozen other roles. No matter who I was, or where I was, or what I Read More

 January 3, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Depression | Drugs & Alcohol | Food | Self-image
8 Self Sabotaging Lies We Tell Ourselves

 …and the Truth Behind the Lies - I was 18. Me and my then-boyfriend were taking what should have been a romantic stroll when suddenly the pain of my thighs rubbing together was so intense I could barely breathe. “I don’t feel well,” I said, and I sat right down on the grass. I was in a rage. How did I let Read More

 December 29, 2014     Addiction | Behavior | Drugs & Alcohol | Exercise | Food | Pleasure Principles | Self-sabotage | Video
How long does it take to get healthy?

Hey, Coffey – A little about me: I’m 41, 5’7″, 236 lbs. I’m inactive and totally out of shape – walking up the stairs in my building takes it out of me. I don’t identify as an addict per se, but I’ve clearly let my bad habits get the best of me. I talk myself out of every good idea Read More

 December 26, 2014     Behavior
Sadness, fear, and insecurity – A post for my father

My father, Brian, was sober for almost a month in 2009. We got close.  He even showed up to help me demolish the shithole fixer-upper I’d just bought (photo below). Together, we filled a huge dumpster with plaster, lathe, bricks, and wood. We swapped war stories and laughed and puzzled at how amazing it is that folks like us can want so desperately Read More

 December 23, 2014     Behavior
I am fat: a guest post by CW

“I am fat. I’ve always been fat. I’m also smart, insightful, empathetic, sensitive, loving, open minded, and athletic. I knew I was good at sports, but was afraid to join in. I knew I was smart, but was afraid to raise my hand. I wanted to hide, so that’s what I did. I didn’t want anyone to know the kind Read More

 December 17, 2014     Behavior | Depression | Pleasure Principles | Self-image | Self-love
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