How To Do Yoga Perfectly Without Bending Over Backwards

Despite physical limitations, most anyone can do most any exercise, perfectly.  I lost over 150 pounds in my 20s. Then I started exercising for the first time in my life (I liked strength training because it made me feel like a super hero). Some time later I became a personal trainer. Because it was still so new and unfamiliar for me to Read More

 June 28, 2016     Exercise | Motivation & Self-sabotage
Open Letter to the Lady in the Pink Shirt

Wherein I take issue with the latest fat-shaming wave, and offer the names of health professionals who leverage the healing power of respect and empathy. Dear Lady in the Pink Shirt- Saturday, a fitness personality named Charles “Strength Sensei” Poliquin posted this photo of you to his professional Facebook page:   The reactions from the fitness pros that follow Mr. Poliquin were Read More

 May 22, 2016     Motivation & Self-sabotage | Self-love
Fatal Distraction

Whether or not you identify as an Addict, craving is a distraction, and distraction can kill. It was 2004, and my whole family was at a restaurant, talking and laughing. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We had buried my grandmother just hours before. I had a three-hour drive ahead of me, and I just wanted the day to Read More

 May 17, 2016     Addiction
Open Letter to the Producers Following The Biggest Loser Study

Here is your chance to make it up to obese folks everywhere. Don’t f*ck it up. ‘Loser Producers – I just spent the weekend with some of the most highly-regarded professionals in the fitness industry at The Fitness Summit in Kansas City, Missouri. Wanna know what we talked about? How the concept you’ve based The Biggest Loser on is doing more harm Read More

 May 3, 2016     Motivation & Self-sabotage
5 MORE Things I Miss About Weighing Over 300 Pounds

  “I used to weigh more than 300 pounds. I smoked like a house on fire, I drank like a blues guitarist, I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and I never, ever exercised.” So began my piece on self-acceptance titled “5 Things I Miss About Weighing More Than 300-Pounds.” In the two years since that piece ran, thousands Read More

 March 21, 2016     Self-love
How to Eat Like a Normal Person

Why I quit trying to eat like a normal person, and how I finally managed to do it. The kitchen is empty. I reach up to get at what’s left of the birthday cake on the counter. I grab what I can and shove it into my mouth just as my mother walks in. I freeze, hoping she won’t notice Read More

 February 7, 2016     Food | Self-love
Weight Lost Rage Found

How a different kind of weight kept me from drowning in a new, maddening perspective after my massive weight loss. It was 2004. I’d recently lost somewhere in the ballpark of 150 pounds. Like size 26 me, size 6 me was living alone in the same shithole apartment, walking to the same bit job, and getting coffee at the same mom & Read More

 January 8, 2016     Exercise
But Good Mothers Breastfeed

How trying to fix my low milk supply became a study in the crippling power of shame.   In between the in breath and the out breath, there was quiet. “In,” cued the instructor, and my lungs sprang into action and my diaphragm dropped and my brain leaned back like it always does to settle down in a moment from the Read More

 December 17, 2015     Mother / Baby
It’s Thanksgiving. EAT.

A practical guide to just eating – and enjoying – the food this holiday season.  Holiday meals are about pleasure. Here we go again – it’s the holidays. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving. Next month, The Rest of It. If you’ve ever had a complicated relationship with food like I have, you’re probably feeling that holiday-specific mix of excitement, dread, prophylactic guilt and Read More

 November 25, 2015     Food
Stress, Suffering, and, Yes, Gratitude On Thanksgiving

Three ways to use gratitude to relieve holiday suffering and deepen your connection to yourself and the folks around you. Thanksgiving can be a giant pain in the ass, no matter how you carve it. And if you feel like hell, you have even more to think about. Specifically, how to treat your body better so you can feel well. Read More

 November 24, 2015     Self-love
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