Not exercising today? No worries.


How to respond if you realize (GASP) you're not exercising today. Oh, look – you’re not working out. Big deal. Before you slip further into your special blend of self-hating meanspeak and self-pity, I have a few suggestions: 1- If today’s not the day, let it not be the day. Unless you're being … [Read more...]

Bench Press Begets Bench Press

If your trainer is spotting you from a squat position, she may be plotting to kill you. Oh, and you should both be wearing shirts.

For folks like me, cookies are cannibalistic: we choose to eat just one, but that first cookie chooses to eat untold hordes of other innocent cookies. Luckily, this snowball effect can work in our favor, too. Weight training, especially for the novice, works in much the same way as the cookie … [Read more...]