How to Eat Like a Normal Person

blog title how to eat like a normal person

Why I quit trying to eat like a normal person, and how I finally managed to do it. The kitchen is empty. I reach up to get at what’s left of the birthday cake on the counter. I grab what I can and shove it into my mouth just as my mother walks in. I freeze, hoping she won’t notice my bulging … [Read more...]

The Best Diet to Lose Weight

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I’ll cut right to the chase: The best diet to lose weight involves never dieting again. I get interviewed for books and podcasts, in part because I appear to be an exception to what’s being increasingly accepted as a rule: The more desperate we are to lose weight, the more weight we gain. When I … [Read more...]

Tell Me Why I Cannot Stop Eating Junk Food

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Why addiction to processed foods and sweets is a uniquely modern affliction. Dear Coffey: I’m completely hooked on Monkey Brains, and for me that means rich, decadent food. My mother, who ate like I do, needed double bypass heart surgery at age 50, just three years older than I am now. Why am I … [Read more...]

That 5 Foods to Never Eat Video

Coffey, Before & During

5 Foods Never to Eat, and programs like it, are exactly what's keeping us stuck There's another video going around telling us that abstaining from 5 specific foods will get us thin and keep us thin. In it, we hear the story of Cathy, a woman who, like many of us, has struggled for years to get her … [Read more...]

Food Addiction Infographic and Food Addiction Quiz

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Suspect you or someone you know might be a food addict? This Food Addiction Infographic and the attached Food Addiction Quiz may help you figure it out.   I'm a personal trainer that identifies as a food addict. At 34, I'm a healthy size 6, but by the time I was 18 I had high blood pressure … [Read more...]

Sack the Snacks


The biggest problem with modern eating - the root cause of many of our nutritional, weight, and behavioral woes - is snacks. Compared to what our grandparents ate at mealtimes, modern meals have certainly changed, but the most significant change, by far, from then to now is the volume we eat between … [Read more...]