How long does it take to get healthy?


Hey, Coffey –

A little about me: I’m 41, 5’7″, 236 lbs. I’m inactive and totally out of shape – walking up the stairs in my building takes it out of me. I don’t identify as an addict per se, but I’ve clearly let my bad habits get the best of me. I talk myself out of every good idea I have.

Anyway, I signed up for the next run of your course (I didn’t talk myself out of that one!). I’m excited about it – a girlfriend of mine took it last time and loved it. I like to be able to plan ahead, so can you please give me a sense of when I’ll be healthy by? I don’t need a date or anything, just a ballpark. If I take your suggestions, when will I get…well…healthy?

-Inquiring Mind in MI

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