The BEST Time of Year to Start a Diet or Exercise Program


If you you’re serious about making healthy changes that will last a lifetime, don’t let the best time of year to start pass you by. [Video]

Is there a best time of year to start a diet or exercise program, or to start making strong choices generally? I’ve got lots of experience with starts and stops, with resolutions and self-sabotage, and after decades of exhaustive research, I finally know the answer: Absolutely, enthusiastically, unarguably, yes.

But the best time of year to start making stronger choices isn’t any of the standard, go-to days like New Year’s Day or the first day of school. Watch this excerpt from a live Principles Q&A for the answer.

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You might notice that I didn’t use the word “diet” once in that video. If you’ve ever dieted and gained back the weight, 1 you know based on your own experience that most diets don’t solve the actual problem. 2 If you want to know the best diet to help you hit and hold a healthier weight for life, you can read more about that here.

I hope you’re well!



  1. And then some.
  2. Coughself-sabotagecough.

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