5 Reasons Women Should NOT Do Cardio

5 Reasons Women Should Not Do Cardio (1)

These days you can't flip your ponytail without hitting an “article” by a “fitness professional” claiming that cardio is good for women. This once-obese personal trainer is here to set the record straight.   Ladies - think twice before including cardio in your workouts. Here’s why: 1- ARD … [Read more...]

Weight Lost Rage Found


How a different kind of weight kept me from drowning in a new, maddening perspective after my massive weight loss. It was 2004. I'd recently lost somewhere in the ballpark of 150 pounds. Like size 26 me, size 6 me was living alone in the same shithole apartment, walking to the same bit job, … [Read more...]

Exercise Can Lead to Weight Gain

Me & Me.

Overcompensation means many workout efforts result in weight gain, not loss. It’s 1997. I’m 300 pounds. Every day I push my mom’s coffee table out of the way, press Play on the VHS player, and sweat (buckets) to the oldies. It would be years before feeling well or caring for myself even showed … [Read more...]

Dear Guy at the Gym,


I only ever see you at the gym. Maybe in other contexts you’re a thoughtful, knowledgeable person. Regardless of how competent you may be in other areas, it’s clear to this personal trainer that you have absolutely no idea what the hell you’re doing when it comes to lifting weights. … [Read more...]