Blessed in the Midwest

What you weigh doesn't impact the love you get, from God or from [your] man. Dear Coffey, I’m 24, 5’7”, and, like you were, I weigh just over 300 pounds. I have a loving God, and I want to spread His message.  I think He would have amazing plans for me if only I could lose this weight. I’m also … [Read more...]

Not a Pretty Girl


Following massive weight loss, I learned that thin & pretty DOES NOT equal happy & healthy My friend Sandra Costello asked to take photos of me after I wrote a body-positive piece that went viral.  On the phone she said “People know you’re fit, but I want to make you look pretty.” “Eff … [Read more...]

Louis CK, The ‘Fat Girl’ Soliloquy

"You know what the meanest thing you can say to a fat girl is? 'You're not fat.'" Louis CK invites the great Sarah Baker to sum up what so many of us feel and have felt as fat women: that fat women are overlooked, they are rejected, and that love is hard to find. That Louis CK gave a fat woman … [Read more...]

Loving My 300-Pound Body Keeps Me Thin

Coffey, Before & During

When obesity has roots in shame, loving our larger bodies (in my case, a 300 pound body) may contribute to healthy, sustainable weight loss. We're tormented by our obsession with weight. Losing weight is hard to do, and the overwhelming majority of us gain back whatever weight we lose (and then … [Read more...]