Interview With Coffey On SBWH

There’s lots of real people doing incredible work in service to our collective health and wellness. Kelly & Maggie over at are a prime example. These two coaches are real, funny, refreshingly unpolished, and pouring their time and energy into creating great podcasts every week. I was excited to be their guest this week. Click below to get to know Kelly Read More

 October 23, 2015     Uncategorized
What Do Honey Bunches of Oats and Heroin Have in Common?

They can rob us of the ability to be satisfied with much else.   I’ve done many, many drugs, but I’ve never done heroin. Knowing what I know about me, I would have been hooked immediately. And knowing what I know about heroin, it would have felt unspeakably beautiful. I would have felt perfect. Heroin would have made me aware Read More

 October 6, 2015     Addiction
3 Reasons Feminists Have a Hard Time Getting Healthy

Feminists are strong and our motives are sound – ‘wellness’ should be easy. (And it’s not.) (And there’s hope.) Hey, Coffey - What if you were one of the “lucky” ones. Raised to be empowered. Raised a feminist. Raised to look inside yourself for a sense of self-worth — not to the world outside. I’m one of the lucky ones. Self-care Read More

 October 3, 2015     Motivation & Self-sabotage
Hey, Love. READ THIS Before You Have Weight Loss Surgery

Nine warnings and three suggestions for my loved one who’s considering weight loss surgery.   In 2002 I asked myself “Should I have weight loss surgery?” When the dart landed on “yes,” I made an all-too common mistake – I focused on the date of my surgery as though that were the moment when everything would change. But like any woman who’s Read More

 September 24, 2015     Weight Loss Surgery
Anatomy of a Shame Attack: Exercise Increases Energy

Why Hearing “Exercise Increases Energy!” Might Make You Want to Sit on the Couch and Never Move Again – and What You Can Do to Change the Story   Stop me if you’ve lived this one. You’re having a rough day, just because you’re you, or because you’re you and there’s only so many hours in a day. You’re ricocheting from Read More

 September 14, 2015     Motivation & Self-sabotage
The BEST Time of Year to Start a Diet or Exercise Program

If you you’re serious about making healthy changes that will last a lifetime, don’t let the best time of year to start pass you by. [Video] Is there a best time of year to start a diet or exercise program, or to start making strong choices generally? I’ve got lots of experience with starts and stops, with resolutions and self-sabotage, and after decades Read More

 September 9, 2015     Motivation & Self-sabotage
How to Raise a 300-Pound Daughter

Want to raise an overweight daughter? Here’s a list of 7 parenting decisions that can help make it happen. How do you raise an overweight daughter? If this were a sweet message with a surprise hook, the two-word answer would be “with love.” Instead, this particular post is a list of some of the factors that sent me sailing over the Read More

 August 12, 2015     Motivation & Self-sabotage
How To Turn Criticism, Real or Imagined, Into Self Care

Take it from me: You can’t please everyone, no matter what you do. But you CAN take great care of yourself regardless.   Hi Coffey –  I don’t need to lose weight, but I do things that are not in my best interest – smoke, eat good food and then eat a sleeve of Oreos….. drink, don’t follow through with personal Read More

 July 23, 2015     Motivation & Self-sabotage
Why It Sucks To Be Raised By People With Addictions

A piece on what we pick up when our parents suffer from addiction (and how we begin to recover). I am the child of alcoholics and addicts. BFD, right? You are, too, huh? Great. We should hang out. I learned fairly young what alcoholism was, and that it was bad to be an alcoholic. Exactly why it was bad was never discussed. Read More

 April 20, 2015     Addiction
The Best Diet to Lose Weight

I’ll cut right to the chase: The best diet to lose weight involves never dieting again. I get interviewed for books and podcasts, in part because I appear to be an exception to what’s being increasingly accepted as a rule: The more desperate we are to lose weight, the more weight we gain. When I was 300+-pounds, I was desperate to weigh Read More

 April 9, 2015     Food
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